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During the execution of the work surrounding the workplace, systematic and scientific studies is called occupational health and work safety those made in order to ensure better working environment and protection from  accidents and other factors those can damage to health caused by a variety of reasons..

A number of problems arise related to occupational health and safety at work in all over the world, especially in countries like Turkey those are in stage of industrialization and technological development, and these problems affect work efficiency and as well as the health of employees.

Working environments is filled with a variety of factors which have risks on personal health and safety.  There is a basic responsibility of every employee and manager in safety measures to be taken, in order to live more healthy in our work places where we spend one third of our daily lives

Providing the safest environment those worthy of human beings, can possible by adopting the rules as a way of life.

For the purpose of prevention of occupational accidents and diseases at workplaces, adapting the working environment and conditions for to the health, evaluation and development of human resources, and prevention of unsafe actions; methodical and continuous efforts those within a plan are all called work safety. The main purpose of work job security is to prevent dangers arising from work, environment and social activities and to provide and ensure a safe and healthy working life and environment. The purpose on reducing the work-related accidents is to prevent the loss of physical harm, property damage and national wealth. 

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