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GRC products are custom made thin shell shapes and forms manufactured in a plant by either one of two methods, both of which center around how the glass fiber reinforcement is introduced into the product. One method, known as the hand lay-up method, simply means that once the molds have been made and are ready, various layers of continuous glass fiber mat and Concrete are manually placed during the “lay-up” process. Another method, the “chopped-strand spray” method, introduces glass fiber strands into the concrete mix as it is being sprayed into the mold. Both methods will produce high quality products.



GRC products are made in molds which are customized for a particular job or from the manufacturer’s standard line of molds. Molds should be manufactured in a manner so as not to adversely affect the finished product with respect to shape and finish. The molds should be fabricated to exact dimension and shape specified by approved shop drawings.


After the GRC has set, the glass fiber reinforced concrete product is carefully removed from the mold, finished, cured and stored until adequately cured for shipment.


Hand Sprayed GRC is manufactured using Power Sprays' Spray Stations.The manufacturing process is strictly controlled by a defined Quality Assurance procedure. All products are fully labeled to show casting date, casting sequence as well as weight and product reference. This allows full traceability back through batching, casting, finishing and testing.

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