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Once the glass fiber reinforced concrete product has been fabricated and shipped properly to the jobsite, upon receipt, inspection and storage of the glass fiber reinforced concrete products must be performed correctly to avoid warping, twisting, or bowing.


GRC products should be stored and installed under favorable jobsite conditions.


Using shop drawings and recommendations, GRC components should be installed plumb and level to required planes as designed and indicated.


If attachments to a framing system are required, it should be by stainless steel or corrosion resistant screws, adhesive, or hanging in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.


Large GRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) units are usually connected to the structure by means of cast in metal frames constructed of metal studs or metal tubing. These frames are connected to the GRC skin by flex anchors.


Smaller GRC units may have cast in straps, wires, or inserts as needed. These are typically detailed in the glass fiber reinforced concrete shop drawing process.


Large GRC units are erected with similar hoisting equipment to that used to erect precast concrete, except it can be smaller in capacity. Many smaller pieces of GRC are typically installed by hand. Usually, GRC units that have steel framing can be picked directly from the steel back up frame. In some cases jigs for lifting the GRC may be needed.

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